Student Track

When exiting foster care, just like everyone else, we are responsible for our lives! Here is your chance to get your life started as an alumni of foster care.

Our programs will assist you with:

  • NETWORKING with alumni to share successes and lessons learned.

  • CONNECT with professional services that will assist with building and expanding your business (venture capitalists, investors, graphic designers and more)

  • LEARN how to successfully earn your Post-Secondary or Vocational Degree and/or Certificate.

  • DISCOVER new types of self-care to cope with after effects of being in foster care.

  • DISCUSS the foster care on a global scale and how to overcome foster care stigma and sustain success.

  • LISTEN to respected presenters and speakers, most who are alumni professionals from the foster care system.Art and Science of Success Curriculum (life skills), FTS Program Overview, Topics in entrepreneurship, Self-Care, Nonprofit development,




Dealing with Toxic Family While Pursuing Your Education

Jamole “Mr. Motivator” Callahan, Senior Consultant, Fostering Change Network LLC
9:45AM - 10:45AM

As You Pursue your Educational and Career Goals, your family may not be as supportive as you’d like them to be.  This Workshop will provide tools you can use to ensure their toxic behavior doesn’t prevent you from achieving your personal and educational goals.

Preparing for Your Perfect Career

Heather Sheridan, Career Coach and Facilitator

Many times young adults in and from foster care are pigeon-holed into job and career paths that are easier to access but may not fit in with the goals of the young adult. In this Workshop, you’ll be able to identify YOUR dream career path and get feedback on how to position yourself to enter that field.


Sherifah Munis, Founder and Executive Director, NewWave Foundation

You’ve had to take care of yourself in many aspects over the years. In this next phase of your life, you’re going to need to use a different approach to ensure you’re thriving and not just surviving. In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to determine what you want your Life Plan to be and how to meet your goals along the way.

Student General Session (Morning)

Self Care and Forgiveness

Kimberly Rhyan, Education and Career Specialist, FCN Foundation


In this General Session, Kimberly utilizes her degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and Fine Art to teach young adults in and from foster care about meditation and reconciliation as a pathway to healing through anxiety, trauma and PTSD.




The Secret Sauce of Networking

Theresa Royal Brown, Author/Event Planner/Entrepreneur

It is all about WHO you know and WHO knows you. One of the most important predictive factors of success is your network.  By taking part in this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The do’s and don’ts of networking

  • The right and wrong way to network

  • How to step into the spotlight and outshine your competition

  • How to effectively turn their contacts into their next job opportunity

  • Benefit from hands on networking techniques and role-playing.

Put Your Purpose Into Play

Kashawn Milligan, Author/ Business Strategist

We all have a story but it’s how you use your story and lessons you’ve learned in and before foster care that will determine whether you are empowered or hindered in reaching your highest potential.  In this Workshop Kashawn will teach you how to use your story to change your life and lives of others.

Working and Pursuing Your Education: How to Strike a Balance that Ensures Your Success

Kimberly Rhyan, Education and Career Specialist, FCN Foundation


Young adults in and from foster care don’t typically have the luxury of focusing only on higher education after high school.  It’s normal for us to have to juggle school and work to ensure we’re not only able to ensure a successful future but that we are also able to make ends meet while getting an education. In this session, you’ll learn how to strike a balance that works for you so, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Student General Session

Heather Sheridan, Career Coach and Facilitator


Hands-on Resource Session (Employment/Apprenticeship Opportunities, Vendors in different fields of study, Colleges/Universities/Vocational Programming, )

Alumni Professional and Student Discussion

Facilitated by Jamole “Mr. Motivator” Callahan, Senior Consultant, Fostering Change Network LLC

4:25PM- 5:30PM

Students and Alumni Professionals will have the opportunity to connect, share resources and request support to meet personal and professional goals.


Improving Foster Care Outcomes and Sharing Successes

9:45am – 10:55am

In this forum with foster care alumni professionals and other child welfare, business and community leaders will discuss suggestions for future child welfare success and share models and strategies that are working or prove to be promising.  



Legislation Affecting Young Adults in and from Foster Care

Ruth Anne White, Founder and Executive Director, National Center for Housing and Child Welfare
10:55AM- 12:30PM

Establishing Supportive Programming for Foster Youth Pursuing Higher Education

Brian Watkins, Director of Fostering Terp Success, University of Maryland College Park
10:55AM - 12:30PM

Engaging Alumni of foster care to create an Effective Peer-to-Peer Support Network

Shalita O’Neale, Founder and CEO, Fostering Change Network