Kay Milligan


Keynote Speaker

I felt called to my purpose early on and followed it into a career in child development at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Which then led to extensive work with nonprofit organizations including developing educational curriculum for the Maryland TRIO Programs and professionally fundraising for The American Red Cross, Amnesty International, ChildFund International and more. Known for my passion to create my own path and be a champion of purpose-fulfilling projects, Kay’s network has grown to include fellow authors, educators, philanthropists and public speakers—each of whom I have been proud to empower along their personal journey

After publishing my second self-help workbook Keys 2 Your Resignation, I began touring both domestically and internationally to speak at corporate trainings, seminars and a variety of other events. I have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of people all over the globe in pursuing my mission to motivate and collaborate to put your purpose into play.

I recently launched the Reclaim Campaign honoring courageous women all around the world sharing stories of reclaiming their time, voice and faith! This campaign shows women making the best choice for themselves isn’t an isolated incident or the exception to the rule. We are more than capable of releasing the old and redefining what makes us complete.