Friday, June 8, 2018

On Your Own: Passes to National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC (First Come, First Served. Limited Tickets.  For APNC Attendees Only)


SATURDAY, June 9, 2018

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Networking/Sponsor/Exhibitor Viewing

8:00 - 9:00 AM - Registration – Coffee/pastries

9:00  - 9:15 AM - Welcome Remarks      Shalita O’Neale

9:15 - 9:45 AM - OPENING KEYNOTE:  Angelica Nwandu, Founder of The Shade Room

9:45 - 10:45 AM -MORNING PANEL – What is a brand and how to build it? (Image, logo/marketing, storytelling)

TRANSITIONING FOSTER YOUTH TRACK - Breakout Sessions (See Below for Listing)

10:45 -11 AM - BREAK

11 AM -12:30 PM - Breakout Sessions, Alumni Coaching Sessions and Panel Discussion Roundtables

12:30 - 1:30 PM - LUNCH, DOOR PRIZES, and VENDOR FAIR 

1:30 - 2:30 PM - AFTERNOON PANEL – The Art of Networking (etiquette, building social media presences)

TRANSITIONING FOSTER YOUTH TRACK - Breakout Sessions (See Below for Listings)

2:40 - 4:10 PM - Breakout Sessions, , Alumni Mentoring Sessions and Panel Discussion Roundtables

4:10 - 4:25 PM - Break

4:25 - 4:55 PM - Closing Keynote - Steve Biondolillo

4:55 - 5:30 PM - Report Out and Close


SUNDAY, June 10, 2018

8:00 - 5:00 PM - Networking/Sponsor/Exhibitor Viewing

8:00 - 9:00 AM - Registration – Coffee/pastries

9:00 - 9:15 AM - Welcome Remarks

9:15 - 9:45 AM - OPENING KEYNOTE  - Sixto Cancel, Founder and CEO of Think of Us

9:45 - 9:55 AM - MINDFULNESS MOMENT  - Daveda James

9:55 -10:55 AM - GLOBAL ALUMNI PANEL facilitated by April Curtis

10:55 AM -12:30 PM - WORLD CAFE DISCUSSION facilitated by April Curtis

12:30 - 1:30 PM - Lunch and Keynote (Keynote at 1PM)  Elizabeth Power


1:45 -3:15 PM - Breakout Sessions- CHILD WELFARE FOCUS

3:15 - 3:30 PM - BREAK


5:00 - 5:15 PM - CLOSE OUT AND NEXT STEPS - Shalita O'Neale



Cortland Jones, Cortland Jones Empowerment Coaching Service
#TaketheJourney from Self-Acceptance to Self-Actualization

To help participants identify the inspiration, information, and actions needed to aid them, or the people they support, in moving towards their desired better place in their journey of becoming entrepreneurs and becoming positive contributors in making the world around them a better place. Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify your inspiration “Your Why?”
  • Acquire the information to fuel you towards becoming what you aspire to be
  • Strategically Plan the short term goals necessary to promote progress and success

April Curtis, Program Director Youth Advocate Program, Director of Curriculum Development, FCN Foundation
Personal and Professional development to help you maximize your leadership in workforce and advocacy.

Learn new ways to build your own resilience and social and emotional skills; strengthen your personal and professional network of support; reduce stress; communicate more effectively with friends, co-workers, and family members. Increase your understanding of and love and respect for yourself while using an strength based wraparound model to help yourself, staff and families.

Regina Clay, Regina Clay Consulting Public Speaking

This workshop to help you develop your own voice. Learn successful public speaking skills and walk away with an outline for your next Keynote Presentation. You will leave understanding why you want to get into public speaking. Look at the different communication models, reading your audience and much more.


Lisa Wingfield, Founder of MadeIt Foundation, Inc.
Career Branding Bootcamp

Madeit Foundation's Career Branding Boot camp or CBB is an interactive session which provides insight on leveraging oneself in today's competitive job market. CBB explores branding, resume writing, cover letters, networking, job searching, interviewing, and social media. With interactive activities and group conversation CBB is perfect for entry level applicants, career changers, and job hunters looking for more information.

Jamole Callahan, Director of Training, FCN Foundation

Youth will learn skills necessary to live stable and grow financially stable and responsible. Demonstrate proper savings and budgeting skills in the money management behavior to prepare for potential future fees. Learn how to spend cautiously as well as save wisely with future goals in mind. Understand the history of Credit, how to establish it and importance of investing for future. Learn how to develop a good credit score and name three reasons a credit score would decrease and increase.

Catriese Johnson
Self-Care: It’s Not Selfish. It’s Self-Respect!

Self-Care is more than a current trend; it’s a life-giving way of being. Including yourself on your daily to-do should be a way of life. As a former displaced youth, I share the rigors of identity, self-esteem, and personal empowerment. Current & former foster youth will learn the key areas of focus to build wholesome, fulfilling lives in which they win internally and externally! The toughest and longest relationship you’ll ever build is with yourself. However, it’s often ignored in favor of people-pleasing, good deeds for others. I will teach you why Self-Care: It’s Not Selfish. It’s Self-Respect!

Erica Myers, Founder and Executive Director, Fosterpreneur
Do you want to be a Fosterpreneur?

Have you ever thought about being your own boss? Fosterpreneur helps foster care alumni between the ages of 18-24 to become entrepreneurs. Come to our session to find out more about becoming an entrepreneur and participate in a live DEMO session.


Panel 1 (Saturday June 9th, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM) - What is a Brand and How Do You Build It?


PAULINE ROSE MOORE, Author, Motivational Speaker; JAMELL HENDERSON, Child Welfare Advocate and Legislative Specialist; JAMERIKA HAYNES, Founder, Clever Jam Communications; LISA WINGFIELD; Founder and Executive Director, MadeIT! Foundation; MARIAH GETTY, Founder RyRentals

This Panel Discussion will cover different ways to begin or continue building your personal and professional brand.

Attendees will learn:

  • What a brand really is
  • What to avoid as you create/build your brand
  • How to promote yourself and your business by promoting your brand through Storytelling
  • The importance of a logo, website and marketing materials and templates/software you can use to make it look like you’ve been in business for years, even if you just started.
  • How to use your foster care history to propel you forward
  • How to determine what you want to offer the world through your brand

Panel 2 (Saturday, June 9th, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM) - The Art of Networking: Positioning Yourself to Develop a Following


CARMEN FLETCHER, Branding Consultant; ANGELA NWANDU, Founder, The Shade Room; SEBASTIAN SMITH, Videographer and Filmmaker; CHRISTIAN BENJAMIN, Entrepreneur and Branding Consultant

In this Panel Discussion attendees will learn:

  • The Dos and Don'ts of networking
  • How to develop collaborations and partnerships with others to advance your vision
  • How to find networking opportunities
  • How to identify speaking/training opportunities
  • Speakers Etiquette (When do you ask for compensation vs. when you can expect to pay for a speaking opportunity)
  • How to build a presence through social media that will have people contacting you to learn how they can support your work
  • How to use existing software and apps to create and manage a large following
  • Public relations and marketing tools you can use to market your personal and professional brand

Panel Roundtables (Held in the Pre-Function Area)

The purpose of these Coaching Roundtables is to apply the information shared on the Morning and Afternoon Panels. Panel Attendees should come equipped with a laptop or cell phone (if possible), business cards (if possible) any current marketing materials, notebook and pen to capture ideas. Space is limited - Sign up is required when Registering.

Morning Panel Roundtable Facilitators (11 AM-12 PM)

  1. Jamell Henderson, Child Welfare Advocate and Legislative Specialist
  2. Pauline Rose-Moore, Author and Motivational Speaker
  3. Lisa Wingfield, Founder and CEO, MadeIT Foundation
  4. Jermerika Haynes, Founder, Clever Jam Communications

Afternoon Panel Roundtable Facilitators (2:40 PM-3:40 PM)

  1. Carmen Fletcher, Branding Consultant
  2. Angela Nwandu, Founder, The Shade Room
  3. Sebastian Smith, Videographer and Filmmaker
  4. Christian Benjamin, Entrepreneur and Branding Consultant

AlUMNI COACHING SESSIONS (Held in Pre-function area)

The purpose of the Coachings session is to have a small group conversation that can support transitioning youth as they work through situations tied to their personal and professional success. Topics could include: How to deal with Toxic Family Members, How to deal with their foster care history in a professional setting, Things to think about as they age out of foster care, etc.
Space is limited - Sign up is required when Registering.

Morning Alumni Coaches (11 AM-12 PM)

  1. April Curtis, Child Welfare Advocate
  2. Lisa Phillips, Entrepreneur
  3. Marion Simmons, Entrepreneur
  4. Angelica Nwandu, Founder of The Shade Room
  5. Jelani Freeman, Attorney

Afternoon Alumni Coaches (2:40 PM-3:40 PM)

  1. Lacy Dee, Entrepreneur
  2. Angelique Salizan, Child Welfare Advocate
  3. Mariah Getty, Founder and CEO of RyRentals
  4. Rebecca Jones-Gaston, Child Welfare Executive


SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 11 AM - 12:30 PM

The Donor Pyramid

STEVE BIONDOLILLO, President, Biondolillo Associates, Inc.

The Donor Pyramid is a universal revenue model for all "contributed-income" nonprofit organizations. The aim of this session is to show how the Pyramid's primary donor-acquisition vehicles interlock with the annual campaign, leadership giving, major gift program, and capital initiatives. Along the way we will present a breakdown of the fields of direct marketing and special-event fundraising, including the role played by programmatic fundraising and signature events.

Participants will learn the full spectrum of acquisition fundraising vehicles, and how all of The Donor Pyramid levels interlock right up to capital fundraising. In the peer-to-peer fundraising space alone participants will learn how to make sense of the hundreds of events that surround them. We will transform The Donor Pyramid from a static academic reference to a dynamic strategic tool.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Move Beyond Your Past and Unlock Your Potential for Success


When you think of your personal success and how you will reach your goals, what barriers come to mind? Are the barriers physical? or do feelings, emotions and negative self beliefs lead to diminished motivation? Do you find yourself experiencing something similar to writer's block? Are you a master in the art of self-sabotage? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or tapping, is an effective tool to help clear those professional and personal mental blocks. By tapping on the same meridians in the body as acupuncturists use, you can work on tough issues. This workshop not only focuses on using EFT for self-help, but also on how it can be useful in building your future success!

Participants will:

  • Learn the history, basics and uses of EFT, or tapping.
  • Use EFT at a basic level for self help and stress release.
  • Identify underlying causes for blocks to success and how EFT can be used to clear them.
  • Plan for when they will use EFT: whether for healing work or as a coping or stress release strategy.
  • Locate practitioners, if they are interested in pursuing EFT further, and on a deeper level, for trauma work.

Own Your Gifts

MARYBETH HYLAND, Founder, SparkVision

Everyone's superpower is being themselves, yet we often try to become someone else to "fit the role" in a professional setting. This workshop explores our unique characteristics to identify and own our "superpowers" to live an authentic life both inside and outside of the workplace.

Building Wealth for the Future

ZACK GARBER, CFA, Vice President, Client Advisor, The Garber Wealth Management Team; Alex. Brown

In this workshop, attendees will learn ways to create a path of financial freedom. Alumni of foster care do not get a good financial start after leaving the foster care system. Bad financial choices and becoming a victim of credit fraud can leave a trail of financial ruin, but you can turn it around so that you can live a life where you are financially thriving and creating a situation where your next generation will start from a better financial place than you did.

Think You Don’t Care About Politics? Better Think Again!!

SUSAN EMFINGER, Senior Consultant, Fostering Change Network LLC

Here’s How You Can Impact What Matters to You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Life. So often we stay away from politics because it’s . . . well, complicated. This (nonpartisan!!) workshop will explore what matters to you and your loved ones in politics (whether you realize it or not), why you should care about it, and what you can do about it without losing your mind in the process.

Elevating Lived Expertise through Coaching

LACY DEE, CEO, LacyDee Consulting

Elevate Young Professionals will share experiences in coaching young people with lived experience to push forward and reach towards their highest potential in the professional world. This workshop provides an insight to best practices in coaching, what coaching is not, lessons learned, coaching strategies and coaching tools, such as the and action planning guides. Participants will get to apply coaching skills through reflecting on self-care assessments and strategies. Join us for an experience that will transform the way you lead youth engagement.

Participants will:

  1. Reflect back similarities and differences in coaching, supervision, and other support relationships;
  2. Identify best practices and strategies in coaching young professionals with lived-experience; and
  3. Utilize “Wheel of Life” coaching tool to apply coaching strategies.
  4. Assess satisfaction with self-care through the 8 dimensions of wellness, and share strategies to increase self-care practices.

SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 2:40 PM - 4:10 PM

Me Incorporated

CHARITY CHANDLER-COLE, CEO, My Grant Solutions and FCN Foundation Co-Chair

In today's world, we are so consumed with building and maintaining the brand and image of others and the organizations we work for, that we forget to take care of the biggest and most important business of all. Ourselves! This workshop will dive into the importance of building and maintaining your personal brand and image and the POWER of self marketing. You can expect to leave this workshop with an abundance of motivation and inspiration to go full force and accomplish your wildest dreams, fully armed with a dynamic elevator pitch created by YOU!

Go Live or Go Home

PAULINE ROSE MOORE, Author, Speaker, ASL Interpreter One's profit, engagement, appearance, relationships, leadership, and strength weaknesses, opportunities and threat (P.E.A.R.L.S.) success could easily be lost, with one "go live" mishap. Attend this workshop to gain the confidence to create quality and purposeful live videos, that will continue to tell their own story and keeps others coming back for more.

Forgiveness is For You

LAKIESHA ALLEN, Mentor, Advocate, Inventor

This workshop is designed to highlight one of the many (yet extremely significant) areas foster teens (present and former) struggle with daily. Learning to embrace, and walk with, a spirit of forgiveness is a necessity if internal and external success with life after foster care is your ultimate goal. While the thought of forgiving people who have committed heinous acts against us seems unwarranted, the ramifications of failing to do so have cost far too many foster teens and alumni the lives outside of the system that could have and should have been lived.

Have Your Own: The Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur

JAMERIKA HAYNES, Founder, Clever Jam Communications

She will show how she turned a niche idea into a real and sustaining business. Attendees will also learn how to access resources to build a business and avoid common pitfalls.

Financial Empowerment: What it is, and How to Get There Despite Life Experience


So many times we say, “I’ll wait until tomorrow”…but the thing about tomorrow is that it comes faster than you think! In this workshop, we will explore key ways to ensure your financial future, one “today” at a time, as well as how a credit union can help you get there - AND we will have FUN!!

Networking With A Plan

TRACEY MILLINGS - Networking Coach and Founder, G.R.O.W. By Networking

Are you tired of going to networking events and walking out with stacks of business cards that have not turned into business? Is networking a challenge for you? This workshop teaches how to effectively network with a plan and gives you proven techniques and tips you can begin using immediately! This translates into lasting relationships that turn into business!


Panel 1 (Sunday, June 10th, 9:55 AM - 10:55 AM) - Foster Care Global Panel


APRIL CURTIS, Moderator (US); SANG-WON YU, International Foster Care Organization (Japan); LACY DICHARRY (US); KATHRYN PATTEN (South Africa), SAMI ISONIEMI, Detective Chief Inspector, Immigration Police (Finland)

The purpose of this panel is to discuss the similarities and differences in child-serving systems globally. Panelists will share their foster care experiences in their native countries along with opportunities for growth and solutions for addressing the global gaps in foster care.

Attendees will:

  • gain a better understanding of how child-serving systems operate nationally and internationally and their impact on the young people that experience their care.

  • Gain a better understanding of how foster care is (or is not) structured in other countries.

  • Gain a better understanding of global foster care statistics and their implications.
  • Have an opportunity to brainstorm on solutions to global foster care issues
  • Learn more about promising practices across countries to apply to their own work in foster care or with young adults who have experienced foster care (or a similar system)
  • Learn how to engage those who have personal foster care experience in developing and implementing solutions to world-spread foster care issues.

Following the Panel, attendees will participate in World Cafe Style small group discussions with the purpose of creating innovative solutions to the global foster care issues discussed on the panel.


SUNDAY, JUNE 10,1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Ignoring the Obvious: Cross-Border Family Finding and Engagement for Children in Care

FELICITY NORTHCOTT, International Social Services

On both the domestic and international levels the individuals charged with taking care of children in out of home care do not do enough to locate and engage extended family or non-custodial parents. The reasons are many and varied, but far too often it is simply because it is “too hard.” International Social Service-USA conducts searches for the families of children in out of home care both across international borders and domestically across state lines. The result is that hundreds of children who might otherwise languish in care are reunified with their families.

Beyond "Trauma Informed"

ELIZABETH POWER, CEO, EPower & Associates, Inc.

Developing trauma-responsive foster families, why the current “medical” model doesn’t work, and what to start doing instead. Everyone in the child welfare universe comes into child welfare with their own histories. How do you help foster families, workers, and youth respond to trauma in more helpful ways? In this workshop we will discuss the role of trauma-responsive foster families and explore key concepts that foster families, workers, and youth all need. We will practice at least two strategies that automatically increase trauma responsivity in families.

Promising Child Welfare Innovations Panel

Panelists: SHEELA BOWLER, Foster America; SIXTO CANCEL, Think of Us; KAYSIE GETTIE, FosterClub; SANG-WON YU, IFCA; JUDITH SCHAGRIN, retired Social Worker and Child Welfare Administrator

The purpose of this panel is to discuss suggestions for future child welfare success and share models and strategies that are working or prove to be promising predominantly from the perspective of professionals with personal foster care histories. Panelists will share more about their organizations/programs and work within child welfare and how they are addressing long-standing child welfare concerns and issues in a unique and innovative manner.

Engaging Alumni Perspectives

JAMOLE CALLAHAN, Senior Consultant, Fostering Change Network LLC

This workshop will address the engagement of consumers in a training system, using the case example of engaging foster care alumni in the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP). Hear firsthand testimony from a former foster youth, now trainer. Participants will understand how consumers can bring a fresh perspective to their training systems, re-energize staff and improve curricula. This workshop will highlight consumer engagement and support strategies that can be utilized within the existing organizational structure. We will examine a variety of roles consumers can take, focusing on the role of trainer. The presenters will share some of the barriers the OCWTP encounters and how these barriers are addressed.

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and its influence on You, Youth In and Adults from Care and the Communities in Which We live and Work

CLAUDIA REMINGTON, Executive Director, Maryland State Council on Child Abuse & Neglect (SCCAN

Maryland Essentials for Childhood, a statewide collective impact initiative to prevent, reduce and compassionately respond to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the State Council on Child Abuse & Neglect (SCCAN) will present a screening and discussion of the documentary Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope. Resilience is a 60-minute film directed by James Redford on ACEs and their impact on health, quality of life, economics and education.

Research shows ACEs are common, they affect all income levels, and their lifelong impact on health and well-being is significant. Science now tells us that, while adversities like child maltreatment, witnessing domestic violence, parental substance abuse, parental mental health issues, divorce and separation, and parental incarceration and others may initially take place during childhood, “the child may not remember, but the body remembers.” Join us in viewing this highly acclaimed film to learn what ACEs are, how they increase the likelihood of disease and illness, and to discuss how Marylanders together can lessen the impact of ACEs on our residents by preventing and reducing ACEs, as well as, responding compassionately with trauma informed practices and promoting resilience in children, families, and communities.

Narrowing the Generational Divide

MARYBETH HYLAND, Founder SparkVision

Never before has there been such perceived generational differences within the workplace. Millennials, Gen X and Boomers often feel they need a translator to understand how to productively work together. Participants will leave with a better understanding of themselves and others, tools that help them move from frustration to understanding, and a renewed enthusiasm for the multi-generational workforce.

SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 3:30 PM - 5 PM

Foster Care Policy & Advocacy - Navigating the Political & Legislative Process_

DELORA SANCHEZ, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Cornerstone

Have you ever wondered why certain laws and regulations that govern child welfare and foster care are in place? Have you wanted to learn more about how to change those laws and regulations and or propose new solutions to improve the lives and futures of foster care youth? Have you wanted to determine a way to bolster the rights of foster care youth? This workshop will answer those questions and more as a foster care alumni, experienced lobbyist and attorney will provide guidelines on how to navigate the political and legislative process as it relates to foster care policy and advocacy. You will learn how you can affect change on the local, state, and federal level including state budget allocations and guidelines for child welfare.

Elevating Youth Advocates to Young Professionals: The Next Evolution

LACY DEE, CEO, LacyDee Consulting

Transition happens for all young adults, and youth entering the field of advocacy are no exception. This workshop includes and build on the "Youth Advocate to Advocate for Youth" workshop. Young adults utilizing personal experiences need additional support in learning to apply these in a professional setting as the transition from being a "youth advocate" into an "advocate for youth" and continue their journey to "young professional." This workshop provides guidance and tip sheets both for the young advocate in transition and the adults who provide professional development support.

Participants will:

  1. Identify stages of development in the transition from Youth Advocate to Young Professional;
  2. Assess where they are in the transition and what support they might need now and in the future and utilize the Coaching Wheel tool to assess their wellness and way forward; and
  3. Discuss experiences, strengths, hope, and strategies to be successful as Young Professionals.

Finding Your Voice and Tribe in the Middle of Adversity

LISA PHILLIPS, Entrepreneur and Career Development Coach

Foster youth are uniquely wonderful in that they require special care. The one constant for foster youth is adversity. I will speak and facilitate a workshop on best practices on how to do the following: -Manage adversity

  • Identify your tribe
  • Developing stronger coping skills
  • Rebuilding after devastation
  • Moving On

The power of Storytelling: Standing Up for the Voiceless

JAMELL HENDERSON, National Urban Fellow Alumnus

To encourage alumni and incoming alumni to utilize their story in foster care as power to go for one's dreams and goals without any regrets.

Family First Prevention Services Act

BARBARA PRYOR, Senior Director in Public Policy, Casey Family Programs